The 高等教育紧急救援基金 is part of three acts passed by Congress and signed by 总统s Trump and Biden: the CARES Act, CRRSAA和ARP.

The HEERF provides funds to colleges based on enrollment and Pell Recipient count, 在其他标准中. 其中一些资金被指定用于学生援助/支持.


大学s that received HEERF funds are required to report on how they use the funds. 教育部 指导学院 在他们的网站上发布一份报告来提供这些信息. 本页包括皇冠搏彩APP下载的报告.


  1. 皇冠搏彩APP下载 signed and returned to the Department of Education the Funding Certification and Agreement for Emergency 金融援助 Grants for Students under the CARES Act. 该部后来将该协议扩展到后续的高等教育基金赠款.
  2. 根据需要, 皇冠搏彩APP下载 used 50% of the funds allocated to us under CARES Act Section 18004(a)(1) to provide Emergency 金融援助 Grants to students. 这50%是77美元,498, 全部来自联邦政府, 分布时间是2020年5月15日.

从那时起, 皇冠搏彩APP下载还增拨了77美元,CRRSAA学生为498分, 然后再加265美元,在ARP下的学生为383.

  1. 截至2022年6月1日,我们共分发了380,088美元.我们分配给学生的资金的40%. 其中包括《皇冠搏彩APP下载》规定的77,498美元,即42,703美元.2021年6月89美元(见下文),外加259,886美元.2021年10月51美元(见下文),外加40,290美元.2022年5月60岁.
  2. 皇冠搏彩APP下载 continues to evaluate uses of designated student-aid funds to help students. In July 2021, we determined that 590 students were enrolled in the terms covered (SP20-SU21). We have not yet identified how many of these students may be eligible for funds by eliminating students enrolled only in ineligible courses, who do not have remaining need after existing distributions or who do not appear to have need. 我们预计符合条件的学生总数将少于590人.

在教育部的鼓励下,皇冠搏彩APP下载于2021年6月成立了 Arp常见问题#26. We identified graduated or withdrawn students whose remaining account balance could block them from receiving a diploma and/or transcript — that is, 学生的平衡可能会阻碍他们的学业或就业进展. 这些, 我们通过确定符合佩尔资格的学生来优先考虑需求, 就国际学生而言, 已经通过我们的WTLA流程被指定为高需求的. We also included dual-credit students to give them an opportunity to identify as high need by providing additional information.

2021年9月, 皇冠搏彩APP下载面向所有在校生开放申请, 所有人都收到了电子邮件邀请. Students could request a professional judgement review and/or apply for emergency aid. 在申请紧急援助时, 他们指出了他们需要资金的可允许的“出席费用”. They also were able to report on their level of financial need (pandemic-related emergencies and need-based aid eligibility).

2022年5月, 皇冠搏彩APP下载面向所有在校生开放申请, 与电子邮件邀请发送到电子邮件列表,包括所有注册的学生. 学生可以申请紧急援助. 在申请紧急援助时, 他们指出了他们需要资金的可允许的“出席费用”. They also were able to report on their level of financial need (both pandemic-related emergencies and need-based aid eligibility).

  1. 最初有了《皇冠搏彩APP下载》的资金,123名学生获得了资金. Amounts were determined as follows: 50% of the funds were equally divided among campus resident students, who were determined to be 更多的 affected by the shutdown; 50% of the funds were equally divided among all eligible students.

In June 2021, we offered funds to discharge students’ unpaid balances as encouraged in Arp常见问题#26. Forty-six students were contacted by email and offered this relief; they replied to give their affirmative written consent and, 对于双学分学生, 证明满足需求要求. Seventeen students gave affirmative written consent before July 1, 2021 to have their balances discharged.

2021年10月,皇冠搏彩APP下载又分配了259,886美元.51美元的学生基金. 共有117名学生通过2021年9月的申请表申请了资金. 我们能够向每位申请者提供资助, 以他们的总要求或最高2500美元的奖励为限. 资金通过支票或寄到学生账户的方式分发给学生, 根据他们的偏好,如在应用程序中所示.

2022年5月,皇冠搏彩APP下载又分配了40290美元.60美元的资金给学生. 共有127名学生通过2022年5月的申请表格申请了资金. We were able to award funds only to applicants who (1) indicated pandemic-related emergencies and also (2) need-based aid eligibility. Funds were distributed equally to these 65 students by check or by posting to their accounts, 根据他们的偏好,如在应用程序中所示.

  1. 在给每个学生的求职信中为最初的关怀法案资金分配, 我们提供了以下信息和指导.

你可能知道,美国国会通过了,总统. 特朗普签署了《皇冠搏彩APP下载》,以支持应对COVID-19大流行. Part of the CARES Act is designated for financial aid for students who meet Title IV eligibility requirements, were taking classes on campus prior to the COVID-19 emergency and experienced expenses related to the disruption of campus operations.


具体地说, 皇冠搏彩APP下载 was given funds to award to students for expenses eligible under a student’s cost of attendance such as 食物, 住房, 课程材料, 技术, 卫生保健, 还有儿童保育.

因为你参加了校园课程, 你可以接触到科技, 负担得起的食物, 面对面的图书馆资源和一些实用程序, 这些都是现在校园里没有的.

On October 14, all recipients of the October 2021 aid received an email from the institution. In addition to (1) the specific amount each student and (2) confirmation of the disbursement method, 这封邮件包括以下信息和指导.

These funds are provided by the US Department of Education as directed in two different pieces of legislation, 冠状病毒应对和救济补充拨款法案(CRRSAA, (HEERF II)和美国救援计划(ARP), 或HEERF III). 皇冠搏彩APP下载 has agreed to receive and use the allocated funds as directed by the Department of Education.

根据美国教育部的指导, “Emergency financial aid grants may be used by students for any component of their cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, 比如学费, 食物, 住房, 保健(包括精神保健)或儿童保健. Students determine how they may use their emergency financial aid grant within the allowable uses.”

在联系学生关于可能的平衡放电, 我们通知了学生这个机会和他们的结余, 这是可以涵盖的. We included in the notification to students that they did not have to accept this, but could choose to decline these funds and be eligible for funds at a later date.

2022年5月, the application itself included information about the funding source (the US government) and allowable uses. All applicants were sent an email May 17, 2022 explaining how we determined eligibility for funding. 另外, 基金接受者于5月17日收到一封电子邮件, 2022 with the amount each was to receive and a statement that it would be disbursed in accordance with their request on the application. 这封邮件还包括以下信息和指导.

The US government has awarded 皇冠搏彩APP下载 funds to use for emergency financial aid grants to students. 这些都是赠款,所以资金不需要偿还. Funds come from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF II and HEERF III) as one-time funding from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) and American Rescue Plan (ARP). 资金可用于出勤费用部分(如.g.学费、杂费、书籍/材料、食物、住房、交通等.).

这是对所有学生开放的, 但皇冠搏彩APP下载在提供这些资助时需要优先考虑特殊需求. We identified aid applicants who reported negative pandemic effects and also eligibility for need-based benefits. 然后,我们将可用资金平均分配给这些申请人.

第18004(a)(1)条机构部分, (a)(2), (a)(3)公开报告, 存档的HEERF学生资助报告